(served until 4pm)

Our Free Range Sausages & Bacon are supplied by Freeman’s Butchers in Crouch End & our bread comes from Celtic Bakery in Wood Green.


ELSIE’S ENGLISH 2 free range eggs, free range pork sausage & bacon, fried potatoes, mushrooms, Heinz beans, roast vine tomatoes & sourdough toast £9.50

ELSIE’S VEGGIE ENGLISH (v) 2 free range eggs, halloumi, mushrooms, fried potatoes, Heinz Beans, roast vine tomatoes + sourdough toast £9

AMERICAN BREAKFAST pancakes, sausage, bacon, fried eggs, fried potatoes & maple syrup £9.50

HEALTHY LOW GI BREAKFAST a lighter breakfast with poached eggs, bacon, avocado & roasted tomatoes, fresh baby spinach & balsamic glaze £8.50 (no bread!)

CELERIAC ROSTI with poached egg, wilted spinach, hollandaise and pesto drizzle £8.50

PANCAKES American style with bacon + maple syrup, or banana or blueberries + natural yoghurt £7.50

BACON, EGG OR SAUSAGE BUTTIE on wholemeal bread or floury white bap £5

AVOCADO AND POACHED EGGS on sourdough toast with roasted vine tomatoes £8.50

2 EGGS poached, scrambled or fried (v) on sourdough toast £5

EGGS BENEDICT 2 poached eggs + free range bacon on a muffin or sourdough with hollandaise sauce £8.50

EGGS FLORENTINE (v) 2 poached eggs with spinach on a muffin or sourdough with hollandaise sauce £8.50

BAKED BEANS ON TOAST on sourdough with grated cheddar cheese (try it with Marmite) £6.50

RAISIN TOAST with butter and jam, peanut butter, or marmalade £3.50


WELSH RAREBIT made with craft beer on sourdough with homemade chutney £8 + fried eggs (Buck Rarebit) £9.50

OMELETTE (v) with up to 3 fillings, salad or fries £8.50 (Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Halloumi, Bacon, Onion, Cheddar, Ham)

FISH FINGER SANDWICH on wholemeal bread or white floury bap with lettuce, tomato & mayo £5

BEETROOT & GOATS CHEESE SALAD mixed leaves, balsamic glaze and walnuts (V) £9

HALLOUMI SALAD (V) grilled halloumi, mixed leaves, balsamic glaze £9

CLASSIC CHEESEBURGER & FRIES Our original ground beef burger with lettuce, cheddar and tomato (Add bacon +£1) £10.50

HALLOUMI BURGER & FRIES grilled halloumi with tomato, mayo, avocado and lettuce £9.50

TOASTED MELTS £7, add a mug of soup or Fries £9

TUNA MELTS MY HEART Tuna, sweetcorn, mayo, chive, cheddar cheese

VEGGIE YUM (V) Halloumi, tomato, fresh spinach, pesto

ELSIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Smoked ham, cheese, dill pickles & American mustard

Fries £3.50